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Tiny Whales FW//18 "Rebels and Dreamers" Collection

Hi friends! We recently launched our new Fall/Winter line called Rebels and Dreamers and we are so excited about it! Chances are you've seen it by now, AND, if you're smart, you even own some of this rad collection already. We're really proud of this one, guys! Today we wanted to dive into some details and really share the heart of this collection, talk about what inspired it, and even give you a look inside the crazy awesome photo shoot we did for it that took place on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  Okay, let's go. The designs in...

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Tiny Whales FW//17 "The Kids Are Alright" Collection

FW17 "The Kids Are Alright" Collection from Tiny Whales on Vimeo.

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Surf Safari

  Let’s go on a Surf Safari! This collection like many others is an extension of memories from my childhood. Growing up in Southern California and having a dad that surfed, I spent countless days of my youth at the beach. Looking back, I’m sure my dad was using me as a chick magnet, or at least trying to find pretty girls to watch me so he could get a few waves in. Picture a kid in track shorts, a tank top (optional), chomping on some greasy beach food while playing 720° Skate or Die at the arcade. That kid...

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