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Would You Rather...

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we've done a couple "Would You Rather" story series that have been really popular. We think they're so fun that we wanted to do a blog post about it and share a bunch of funny (and maybe a little gross) Would You Rather PARENT EDITION questions. Play with your partner, your best friend, your mom, or just answer them yourself! 


Your kid dump a bottle of paint on the carpet or a container of glitter?

Your kid volunteer you to be class parent or tell you about a huge project the morning it's due?

Your child lose the class pet or come home from a friend's house with a new dog?

Change the nastiest blow out of your life in the nastiest public bathroom or on your bed?

Your baby throw a full bucket out of the bath at you or clean the poop they just made in the tub?

Your child be the reason their team always loses or the reason their team always wins because they cheat?

Feed your family only raw carrots or Big Mac's for every meal?

Drink everything from a baby bottle or wear diapers for the rest of your life?

Have a baby who poops 10 times a day or a teenager who refuses to bathe?

Decide your unborn child's gender or their hair color?

Give birth alone in the woods or give birth n stage in front of an audience of 1,000 strangers?

Have a child who is a genius or a child who is extremely well behaved?

Be able to know when your child is lying or hear all of their thoughts?

Take a 3 day road trip with a moody teenager or a 5 hour bus ride with a teething infant?

Your kid pee in your bed or you pee in your kid's bed?

Share an ice cream cone with a stray dog or drink a cup of your own breast milk?

Clean all the bathrooms in your house with one single paper towel or hand wash a pile of laundry with no soap?

Feed your family cat food tacos or dog food chili for dinner?

Shower in peace or poop in peace?

Live in a 900 or 9,000 square foot house?


Share this with your friends and give us the answer to your favorite question below in the comments! Hey, make up your own Would You Rather and share that with us, too! We'd love to hear them and give you our own answer!

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