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Packing For Kids

There are two types of people in this world. Those who love to pack, and those who don't. One could argue you could split people in: those who crank the car speakers to max volume and rock out and those who drive in silence, but that's for another blog post. I personally think packing can be exciting because it means a trip is on the horizon, but it can also be stressful. My household deals with some pretty severe food allergies among other things like kids who want to bring the whole kitchen sink with them. Today we're going to share some tips on packing for your kids (and YOU!) and we even got our super secret, super awesome Facebook group to help us out!

Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks that were shared:

-Start with making a list of everything you need that's categorized. Your stuff, kids stuff, food, toiletries, etc. Check things off as you pack them so you don't forget anything.

-Go to the grocery store beforehand and stock up on your favorite foods or snacks whether you're driving or flying. If you're flying, you can totally still travel with food, and if you're driving, you'll save yourself time and money from having to stop off.

-Consider doing a big shopping trip when you get to your destination if that's an option. My family goes to Disney World every year and though we do eat a lot of meals there, it can be pricey, and #foodallergies. As soon as we land and get a rental car, we hit Whole Foods and stock up majorly on non perishables we can easily take into the parks with us, and anything that will fit in the Disney hotels mini fridge. Saves us a lot of money, time, and worry.

-Pack extra clothes for your kids, laundry detergent, and a bunch of quarters!

-Lay out your outfits for each day and pack that way. It makes getting you and your kids dressed each morning a breeze.

-Leave extra room. Why does it always seem like you come back with less space than when you left?

-Lots of people recommend rolling your clothes so they don't get as wrinkled.

-Bring a small steamer! You can get hand held clothing steamers on Amazon, Target, and several other places. We all know those old clunky irons and ironing boards at hotels don't really do the job.

-Don't pack your heavy items. Wear them instead. If you're packing heavy coats or jackets, wear them in the car or on the flight so you save space.

-Pack bribery. We're not above healthy treats, stickers, ipads, and anything else that will help your kids stay busy, happy, and entertained along the way.

Alright, friends. What are your best packing tips? Leave us your favorites in the comments below and add to our list!

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