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Local Love

Fact: Our "Local" gear is some of our best selling and most popular items season after season no matter what. We think this is because people really dig where they live. No matter where that is! We love living in sunny Southern California but we're pretty sure our fans on the East Coast love the vibes there, too! 

Not only do we make our popular threads that say LOCAL, we actually make some tees for specific cities! Right now in the shop we have tees for our friends in Los Angeles, Chicago Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Florida. Plus we've got an awesome USA shirt for everyone too!

We wanna know more about YOU and where YOU'RE from! We'd love if you dropped us a comment letting us know where you live and your favorite thing about living there! Love the weather or the seasons you get to enjoy there? Or maybe your city has the best pizza or the coolest mom and pop shop around. Whatever it is, we wanna hear about it!

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