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Let's Talk Stains

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've got kids. And chances are, said kids aren't always perfectly squeaky clean either. If you're like us, you've dealt with your fair share of dirt and grime and stains. Especially when it comes to your kids clothing! 

We make our clothes built to last. We want your kids to be able to be as rough and tough as they want in them and for you to still be able to pass your favorites down to younger siblings when big bro and sis grow out of them. 

Today we wanted to share some trusty tips on getting those pesky stains out so your Tiny Whales clothes will last even longer! No matter how dirty your kids get in them!

Photo Source: The Republic

1. Make a homemade stain remover using ingredients you probably already have laying around the house!  Make a paste with vinegar and baking soda , rub it on the stain and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes before washing. 

2. Act quickly. As soon as you notice a stain and are able to, take the clothing item, turn it inside out, and run boiling hot water over it. I personally have used this trick several times and it's almost like magic because you can literally see the stain lifting from the clothes!

3. Try essential oils. For real. These guys are so versatile. Mix 10 drops of lemon essential oil with vinegar and you've got yourself a DIY stain remover that smells just as good as it works!

4. Head for the medicine cabinet. If your stain is on a white tee and you'd rather use something more gentle than harsh bleach, try hydrogen peroxide!

5. Get creative. Talcum powder or baby powder, kitchen cornstarch or plain white chalk are wonderful natural treatments for helping to absorb oily stains if you can catch them quickly enough. Just sprinkle the stuff on and rub the area with white chalk. Let it sit on the stain for ten minutes to absorb the oil and then simply brush it away.  

Of course, you can always grab a Tide Pen or throw the soiled clothes in the laundry, too. We just like the idea of natural and safer ideas if there's time and they work! What are your best tips for getting stains out? Got any tricks up your sleeve? We'd love to hear them and try them out and we know others would too so leave us a comment below and let us know!

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