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How To Give Clothes For Christmas

Let's face it. What kids are actually asking for clothes for Christmas? If your kids are like ours, they want toys, toys, toys. And probably some more toys. But if you're like us, you love clothes, your kids need clothes, and sometimes you might want to give clothes for Christmas. We think clothing can be a cool present under the Christmas tree so today we're sharing five clever ways to do it!

1. Use the 4 gift Christmas rule. Have you heard of this? In a nutshell it means everyone gets something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ. We love this idea because it hits everything every kid could need and makes them more excited about all of it.

2. Give clothes with a gift card. My kids go bonkers when they get gift cards because it means they get to go shopping and get whatever they want. What kid doesn't want to have a say in what they get, clothes included. If your kids need new clothes, give them a gift card and let them have the fun of choosing things themselves!

3. Give it early. If you're giving your kids clothing as one of their presents, what about giving them that gift BEFORE Christmas so they can wear it ON Christmas? They'll be excited to open a present early and they'll have cool new duds to wear when they open the other presents.

4. Combine presents. Little one needs new clothes and wants a cute stuffed animal, too? How about dressing the new stuffed animal IN the new clothes? 

5. Make them a stocking stuffer. Roll 'em up, package them awesome, and let your kids have them as bonus stocking presents.


Here's a few items from our shop we think your kids will actually be hyped on getting this Christmas!


Here's what we know about little girls. A lot of them like dresses. A lot of them like cool dresses. And a lot of them would love a dress that they can twirl in. This dress does all three and more.



In our only slightly biased opinion, we make the best trucker hats around. The best head ware around, actually. We think any kid would love a hat or beanie this Christmas.



For the party animal in your life who appreciates cute stuff. We really dig this tee.




Fact. My seven year old son went nuts when I showed him this tee. Snakes, skulls, a little spooky, a lot rad, this is the clear Christmas winner!


We want to hear from you! Do you give your kids clothes for Christmas? If you do, are your kids excited about it? What do you think of the 4 gift Christmas rule? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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