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Healthy Swaps

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've got a kid or three. And if you're like us, you like to make healthy choices for those kids and yourself whenever you can. Today we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite healthy swaps and to ask what YOUR favorite healthy swaps are! Bonus points if they're easy and your kids will actually go for them! But even if your kids don't go for these, this list was made with YOU in mind. It's hard to eat healthy when you've got kids, you work, you've got a mountain of laundry to do, etc etc etc. 

With that being said, don't feel bad or discouraged when you're reading this list. The intention isn't to make you feel like you HAVE TO MAKE THESE SWAPS OR ELSE. No way! I really love ordering Postmates, eating French fries, and sometimes I like to grab a spoon and a carton of ice cream while I write these blog posts, YOU DO YOU. I just thought it would be helpful to share some minor swaps that have helped me sometimes and I would really love if you'd all add one thing to this list in the comments section!

Swap conventional eggs for pasture raised eggs. Conventional eggs aren't bad for you but pasture raised eggs have significantly more omega 3's.

Swap processed cheese for nutritional yeast. Processed cheese can contain unhealthy oils and nutritional yeast actually tastes like cheese plus it contains forms of protein and fiber!

Swap Commercial pickles for raw pickles. The raw guys are pickled with gut friendly probiotics. 

Swap commercial salad dressings for extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Salad dressings are packed full of unhealthy oils and the good for you stuff only contains healthy fats with no added sugars.

Swap egg whites for whole eggs. Whole eggs have protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Swap roasted nuts for raw nuts. Roasted nuts taste delicious but they have unhealthy fats that they are drenched in. Raw ones have no damaged fats and pro tip: you can roast and salt these guys yourself and they actually taste better!

Swap canola oil for extra virgin olive oil. Canola oil is highly processed and even the organic stuff contains trans fats. EVOO is anti inflammatory and is shown to boost heart, brain and metabolic health.

Swap white onions for red onions. White onions are actually really healthy but the red ones have higher brain boosting and cancer fighting potential if you wanna get picky.

Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has more magnesium and less sugar.

Swap brown rice for riced cauliflower. Brown rice has few nutrients. Cauliflower has a lower glycemic load and lots of fiber and vitamin K.

Swap fiber cereal for avocados. These cereals are mostly made from cheap grains and besides, who doesn't love avocados? Seriously, my kids and I wanna eat these breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 1 whole medium sized avocado contains 12 grams of fiber and is packed full of the good kinda fat for you!

Swap fruit juice for fruit infused water. A lot of fruit juices have way too much sugar.

Swap tortilla chips for cucumber slices. Chips are loaded with unhealthy oils and cucumber slices are mostly water.

Swap ketchup for hummus. Most ketchup is loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Hummus is a good source of resistant starch.

Swap mayo for guacamole. You don't have to tell me anything about this. I will gladly choose guacamole over anything. In case you're wondering though, guacamole has healthy fats and lots of fiber.

Swap a cooked potato for a cooked and cooled potato. Did you know that a baked potato actually becomes healthier for you the more times you cook and cool it?

Swap a burger bun for a portabello mushroom cap. The burger bun has a whole lot of empty calories.

Swap tortillas for sturdy lettuce. They actually make for some pretty great taco shells.

Swap dried fruit for fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is full of water and has no added sugar.

Swap frozen yogurt for full fat Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is full of protein and low in sugar.

Swap refined salt for pink salt. Pink salt is loaded with beneficial minerals other than sodium.

Swap smart balance with grass fed butter. The real deal butter has no damaged fats.

Swap iceburg lettuce for romaine lettuce. Romaine has more vitamin K.

Swap croutons for pistachios. Salted pistachios will give you the crunch and satisfaction you're looking for and they are packed full of healthy fats.

Swap potato chips for kale chips. Potato chips are loaded with unhealthy oils and have zero nutritional value. Kale chips are loaded with protein and fiber. 

Swap a frozen coffee drink for iced coffee. I love a good sugary Starbucks drink more than anyone, but it has 500 calories worth of sugar and processed fats and doesn't do my body any good. Plus, I drink it in one minute flat and then I'm sad. An iced coffee has zero calories and gives me the pick up I need from you know, having kids and stuff. 

Swap conventional peanut butter for natural peanut butter. When you're shopping for nut butters you definitely want the ones that have ONE ingredient. Just peanuts. Just almonds. Just the one thing they need.

Swap candy for berries. I know its hard but berries really are delicious.

Swap beef jerky for bitong. Bitong is just grass fed beef and seasoning.

Swap coffee creamers for coconut oil. Coconut oil has no sugar!

Swap wheat flour for coconut flour. Having Celiac's, I support this. But even if you don't, coconut flour is high in healthy fats and fiber and wheat flour is often very poorly digested and is highly processed.


Don't forget to leave your best swaps below!

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