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Get Dressed With Tiny Whales

Do you choose your kids' outfit each day or let them do it? Choosing outfits for your kids seems easier in my head because 1. It means I get to choose, and I like being in charge and 2. I can pull a look together real quick and my 3 and 7 year old take their sweet, sweet time! Here's the thing though, I'm trying to let my kids have more control of things recently be it with their clothes or their food. No, I'm not letting them have candy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because YES that's what they'd choose, but I think it's important to let my boys have some say in what they are wearing. 

I'm pretty new to this whole concept so I'm not claiming to be an expert but today I wanted to share some tips on letting your kids choose their own outfits.

1. Give them choices. Narrow it down for them. Instead of letting my just turned 3 year old pick an outfit from his entire wardrobe, I lay out three options for him and let him choose from those. It makes things way easier, quicker, and doesn't overwhelm him. I can tell he really likes feeling like he made such an important decision each morning.

2. Do the accessorizing yourself. Do the leg work yourself. Tee, bottom, hat, shoes, lay out COMPLETE looks for your kids so they still have a choice but don't look like a hot mess because they decided to pair totally clashing items together.

3. One item only. If you don't have time or want to pull multiple full on looks each morning, just let your kids choose one item for each look. They pick the tee, they pick the shoes, you get the idea.

4. Time limit. Got picky or indecisive kids? Put a timer on it to help them make quicker decisions. 

5. Praise. Tell them what a good job they are doing and encourage them. Don't forget to give them lots of Tiny Whales choices!


Anything you'd add to our list? 

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